Loren Graves

Over the last 15 years–well that flew by–Loren has been involved in the film business. After graduating from UCSD’s Film program in 2000 he packed up his director’s reel and his hard drive of genius scripts and moved to LA . Landing in Venice, he went right to work…as a waiter, then as a door to door salesman, then as a barista. But in the midst of all that glory he started PA work and eventually moved into Coordinating in narrative and reality TV, which eventually turned into producing for live professional sports on the East Coast.

Just when it seemed as if the salad days had arrived, his dark past caught up with him and after a month long whirlwind, he found himself in San Francisco, in the back of a movie theater, thousands of dollars gone. He’d fallen into the artist trap and gone to grad school.

But, as a man of strict constitution, he fought off the demons of education after two years and went back to produce in the shiny new world of “internet video start-ups”. It was a brave new space. The 4K unicorn was no longer a myth, the death rattle of tape had begun and bandwidth had become the new currency. The content machine was underway and for a couple years Loren shoveled out thousands of videos of branded content. But there was something missing in this video assembly line. The value of personal touch was superseded by number of views and the organic nature of relatable story traded for repeatable templates.

Taking the name from the theater scene in the Big Lebowski, Loren founded Our Troubles Are Over Productions in 2008 as a company that could concentrate on producing content for clients that was narrative based and that connected brands with the identities of their target customer. His vision lives here as part of this collective.

The Scene That Inspired the Name (NSFW, profanity)


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