Dominic Valiente

A graduate of the SDSU Film School, Dominic started his career with an award winning short film that appeared on the Fox Sports Network. From there he took his administrative talents to skyrocketing levels working on scripted television for FOX and ABC Family. After mastering faxing and message taking as a PA, Dominic quickly rose from PA to Production Manager where he told other people to fax stuff and take messages. Also, he managed productions and stuff.
The writers strike provided an opportunity to restart his career in reality TV where again Dominic was able to grind his way up from coffee getting, battery charging PA to all powerful Field Producer for MTV’s Emmy award winning docureality show, MADE. Technically, he won Emmy’s.
After totally mastering that whole reality show thing, Dominic parlayed his experiences in capturing real life drama and finding the story in every scene to Our Troubles Are Over Productions. Whether it’s an unscripted vignette on a local business or a scripted nationwide campaign Dominic has the vision to tell your story.

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