Screenwriting and SMB Videos February 6, 2013

There are many things I love about the tv/film/video creative process. One of the most difficult and rewarding parts of it is when I write a screenplay. I’ve completed two feature scripts and am working on a third right now (well, not RIGHT now…otherwise there would be no blog).  It’s long, arduous, frustrating and TOTALLY worth it when you type: FADE OUT.


One of my favorite books on screenwriting is Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434. His book is like sitting in his class as he speaks directly to you. It’s my number one book I recommend to people if they are interested in screenwriting (quickly followed with, “and when you are done with that, grab ‘Save The Cat’ by Blake Snyder). What’s always stuck with me about Lew’s book is how he describes Act Breakdowns and what should happen in them: In the first act, you chase your protagonist up a tree. The second act you throw rocks at him. In the third act you get him out of the tree.


It’s that method of storytelling that I love to bring to clients when they come to us for a video. Generally, we are helping them solve a problem in their business, hence our moniker: Our Troubles Are Over. A client has started a business and they don’t know how to connect with potential clients (they’ve been chased up a tree). They are wasting time and money on print and ad type marketing (rocks are being flung at them). So, we then come up with a video to get them out of that tree. We tell THEIR story. And it’s every bit as satisfying as typing FADE OUT.


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