Film Studio To Open In San Diego February 21, 2013

Yesterday it was reported that a new film studio was opening up here in San Diego and that they planned on putting at least ten features into production. If true, this is AWESOME news. There is plenty of talented crew that would love the work that this would bring to their lives and I couldn’t be happier…if this pans out.


And there it is; that big IF. Why am I so skeptical? For starters, all those talented crew members that have earned the right to get steady work? There’s enough to crew up one feature at a time, as of right now. But that’s short sighted. If the work is here and is constant, who would rather live in LA than San Diego? The crew will come. Then there is the best film school nobody ever heard of: SDSU School of Television Film and New Media. This could become a great farming ground for future crew members if the school and studio could find a partnership.

Get them while they are young.

Get them while they are young.

Another concern I have is the studios location, Del Mar. Del Mar doesn’t seem like the type of place I can park a couple of semis loaded with lights and camera equipment. It doesn’t feel like a functional location. Granted, I haven’t seen the space nor do I have any idea where in Del Mar this would be so I could just be fretting out my back end for blogs sake. But from what I know (and I realize that’s not saying much) Del Mar doesn’t seem to have the space for, trucks, sound stages and warehouses.

What do you suppose they are doing with those noisy trucks at 5am?

What do you suppose they are doing with those noisy trucks at 5am?


If I were starting a studio in San Diego, here’s how I would do it. Don’t model it how they do it in LA right now. Do it like they used to do it. The old studio system where everything you needed was right there on the property. Cameras, grip equipment, lighting, costume warehouse, set construction. Everything from Production offices to post production facilities are all right there to make your movie happen. You could also rent out the spaces and equipment to local filmmakers, local productions. Where would I put this bastion of co-op hippy filmmaking (which is what it’s beginning to sound like as I write this, errrr…)? The answer is, I don’t know. Somewhere with the space, with little air traffic, maybe Narnia?


Didn’t the Studio System fail?

My first job after film school was working on 20th Century Fox’s Point Pleasant on the Stu Segall lot in Kearny Mesa. When I was working there I always saw it as a place that might be able to accomplish what I envisioned for San Diego, if not a starting point.


I don’t want to step on Stu’s toes or tell him that he’s doing it wrong. I’m not saying that, nor would I have the knowledge to do so. I am not privy to his business plans nor do I have any where near his years of experience and knowledge of shooting in San Diego. All I know is that I’m a guy with a dream and a blog. And, they’ll give a blog to anybody. Good luck, Zakir Pictures. We’re all rooting for you.




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