Pontificating the Impending Justice League Movie June 26, 2013

This past weekend I saw “MAN OF STEEL” and as you no doubt heard, it was awesome (It also killed off my idea to make DC movies work). It’s a great story, with heart, emotion and ACTION. Henry Cavill was perfectly cast (I think everyone was, actually) and the stage has been set for an expanded cinematic DC Universe leading to a Justice League of America movie. Ever since “The Avengers” success, Warner brothers has been fired up to get a Justice League movie into development and have even been aiming for Summer of 2015 as their release date, which I believe would be a HUGE mistake. As I’ve said before, they’ll give anyone a blog and this one’s mine. So, get ready for me to opine like it is gospel.


Before they do a JLA movie we need at least three more DC Character stand-alone films. Wonder Woman and Aquaman need their own movies to set them up. They need to be introduced to this world before we team them all up together all willy-nilly. The third film should be the Man Of Steel sequel and set up the need for a JLA. In Man of Steel, we are just getting to know Superman. Snyder himself has stated that, “you gotta get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a Justice League movie.” Basically “Man Of Steel” brings us to the point of when Iron Man exits the cave. There’s a lot more to show of who this Superman is before he team him up with other Heroes.


Who are these other Heroes going to be played by? Well, because no one with Studio power cares what I have to say, I give you my cast list for The Justice League of America movie:


Batman - Jon Hamm

Batman – Jon Hamm


We obviously all know who Batman is and we don’t need to know how he comes about. His reboot would be great to be done in the JLA movie especially if you go with the aging Dark Knight. Still a brooding ass kicker, but displays more of his skills as detective and tactician.


Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds



The movie sucked, he didn’t. For the better part, we all know of the Green Lantern. You can re-establish him or not. I don’t think it matters.


Flash - Justin Timberlake

Flash – Justin Timberlake



The Flash is a CSI cop that can do shit fast and is funny. Definitely doesn’t need his own movie to set that up and Timberlake has established himself as a very good actor with great comedic timing.


Aquaman - Josh Holloway

Aquaman – Josh Holloway



I’m not exactly sure how to tackle Aquaman and making him more relevant than just, “Hey! I’m riding a dolphin!” But, I think darker is the way to go and Holloway can give you that.


Martian Manhunter – Idris Elba

Martian Manhunter – Idris Elba



I admit I know very little of the character Martian Manhunter but I think he would be some sort of catalyst for making all these heroes come together; ergo, he’d be introduced in the JLA movie. Idris Elba seems to always come up when people clamor for this movie, so I’ll join the internet mob.


Wonder Woman – Taylor Cole

Wonder Woman – Taylor Cole



This one has been hard for Hollywood to nail down. They have tried time and time again and still can’t get her on screen. I would say the hopes on a JLA movie rest on getting Wonder Woman right. I think Taylor Cole could be it.

Or, we could just go with this movie.


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