Fan Made Live Action Toy Story January 28, 2013

In June of 1989, two monumental events occurred in my life: 1.) Tim Burton’s Batman was released and, 2.) I had completed my 5th grade of home schooling (Yes, I was a little weirdo that was home schooled). Every time we “graduated” our celebration would involve a ceremony (My dog may or may not have been the Master’s Of Ceremonies. I tend to block this memory out), followed by a dinner out to Red Lobster and seeing a Summer Blockbuster. That summer, we went to see Batman.


It was shortly after the movie was released on VHS that I was bound and determined to make my own Batman movie. And, when I say, “make my own”, I mean make a shot for shot remake of Burton’s film.  I transcribed the script by hand, started casting and working on location scouting (which was done on my bike in a 10-block radius of my childhood home). I had cast the cute girl next door as Viki Vale and of course my self as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Even back then I was diabolical), and I was just about ready to shoot. Only one problem: No camera.

Imagine a fat 12 year old as Batman.


And, so that dream came and went. Which is why I’m probably so impressed with the people who worked on the Live-Action Toy Story Project. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Live-Action-Toy-Story-Project/176760992394118?sk=info

These guys HAD a camera.


There is such a level of detail here that it both inspires and entertains. And, because they use inanimate objects (The Toys) they are able to use the original audio for the most part and it gives it that extra bit of magic. I started to just watch the first few minutes to gauge what they had done and somehow am half way through the movie.

Watch it here:



Not a bad way to spend a rainy day. Now, I wonder if I still have that shooting script for my Batman remake somewhere? I’ve got a camera now.



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