Always Be Learning June 12, 2013

I’m a self admitted curmudgeon. I complain about green screens, smart phones, apps, google and these newfangled horseless carriages.


Change doesn’t frighten me but it sure as hell annoys me. I’m comfortable. Don’t change on me…I’m looking at you FCPX; but I and YOU have to get over it. In this ever changing age of digital film making you have to Always Be Learning or you will eventually stop working.

Coffee is for people who can create motion graphics!!!

Coffee is for people who can create motion graphics!!!

And for me, Lynda.com has been invaluableĀ  to not only keep up to date with the latest and greatest software, business techniques and creative skills, but it has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. With its in depth, step by step tutorials OTAO is always learning and mastering.

There was a time in the not so distant past (before OTAO), that I felt I didn’t need to learn all these Adobe programs and whozee-whats-it motion programs. I was an accomplished Field Producer/Shooter, an award winning Director and aspiring screenwriter. I had a grasp on FCP. What else did I need to know? If I or a client needed motion graphics? Well, I’d just hire a guy.

I'm a Producer!

I’m a Producer!

However, the market changed as did the culture of what people deemed valuable. The video market was no longer content with well shot, engaging content. They wanted GRAPHICS (say that in your head with a lot of bass and echo), without paying extra. I couldn’t provide them with graphics. They went elsewhere. I didn’t work.

I know, Glenn. I'm out of work too.

I know, Glenn. I’m out of work too.

The technology is constantly changing as are peoples expectations of what makesĀ  a video valuable. You have to always be working on your craft and changing with the technology and the market. They’re often driven by each other. Always stay valuable. Always Be Learning.



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