Small Business Profile Done Right January 31, 2013

Props to the folks over at Cool Hunting Video for producing one of the tighter, well crafted small business videos I’ve seen in a long time. It feels like a doc, where character is captured and the vibe of the place makes me want to drive there right now and play pinball until my fingers bleed: Enjoy: Cool Hunting Video Presents: Pins and Needles from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Fan Made Live Action Toy Story January 28, 2013

In June of 1989, two monumental events occurred in my life: 1.) Tim Burton’s Batman was released and, 2.) I had completed my 5th grade of home schooling (Yes, I was a little weirdo that was home schooled). Every time we “graduated” our celebration would involve a ceremony (My dog may or may not have been the Master’s Of Ceremonies. I tend to block this memory out), followed by a dinner out to Red Lobster and seeing a Summer Blockbuster….

4K for $300 January 24, 2013

  I’m a huge supporter of GoPro, have been for years. They were a massive game changer when it came to effects shots. No more risking your A camera, strapped to the hood of your car. Water, snow, ice, no longer a concern. Besides the elemental protection, solid picture and the obvious size and mounting benefits of the Hero and Hero 2–I’ve put them on shotguns, RC cars, chainsaws, hunting bows and even pets–the best thing about these cameras is…

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